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Let Me Focus on the Photos, While You Focus on the Art of Living

I remember my first camera, the 110mm little Kodak camera and while my dad was chopping wood, I was posing my little four year old brother, I was 10.
Lisa Murphy-Quigley Photographer

Fun and fresh photography

My life is full of experiences and warm memories. I have lived in various parts of Canada, created fulfilling relationships with people and continue to explore my world everyday.

A little info about myself before my gallery grabs your attention:

I graduated from the Professional Photography Program at North Island College in 2013. My aim is to capture memories with my camera because photographs tell a story.

I love looking at old photos, they are old tales just waiting to be told and that is the gift I am honoured to offer.

My style of photography is light, dream like and very feminine.

I love light. I love having the ability to manipulate light and turn it into a work of art. I love fashion, and so sometimes I try to incorporate that into my photography as well.

I love the West Coast, I love my husband dearly, I wish I could see my family more often and I am grateful for everything life has given me. I love the CFL, I am a great swimmer, I can paddle almost any type of boat and I am very easy going and down to earth. Summer is my favorite season, but I do miss the snow sometimes, I love to ski but my husband is far better at it than me. I am originally a Manitoban!

I’m a Campbell River Photographer offering children and family photography sessions.

I’m available for engagement photography sessions and weddings from small to large!

Also travelling throughout the Comox Valley and Vancouver Island!

Enjoy my photos and my insight into the world:

Wedding Photographs
Engagement Photographs
Newborn Photography
Family Portraits